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Wednesday, October 31, 2007
How to go about Online Shopping - For newbies
How to go about Online Shopping - For newbies
by: Paromita Chowdhury

How to go about online shopping:

The idea of online shopping has created a major interest in net users. It is simply buying and paying through internet anytime anywhere. You can purchase almost anything online and need not bother anyone. You can purchase clothes, cars, computers, groceries, books, machineries etc. along with real estates. Generally, the transactions are done through credit cards only. However, there are some sites, which offer cash on delivery. Though online shopping is easier and cheaper as they often offer discounts, yet you could be in trouble at times. Have you ever thought of choosing a secured and safe site for your shopping?
Are you sure your transaction is safe?
Let us think about certain facts before going for online shopping:

Are you using a secure browser?
The browser you are using should abide by the industry security standards. There are Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Secure Electronic Transaction (SET). These systems encrypt the purchase information you send over the net. Safe sites show the symbol of an unbroken key, a picture of a closed lock or a web address started with https://. Along with that, most of the browsers also display a warning message before you click to send any information to a site.

Go for Certificate check:
It is also easy to verify a secure site with a “certificate”. Presently Verisign,Inc. is a provider of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). This company has formed long-term partnerships with a large no. of other companies. You can check out for further information.

Do not reveal your very personal information unless required:
Always try not to send your password anywhere if you do not know the receiver. It’s even secured to use a combination of numbers, letters and symbols in your password instead of using birth dates, phone numbers etc.

Always pay with a credit card or charge card:
Online shopping is done by credit card or charge card in order to make the procedure easy. If you pay with a credit card or charge card, your transaction will be protected by the Fair Credit Building Act. According to the law, consumers have every right to dispute the charges against certain situations.
It is always better to invest small amount while buying online for the first time. Try them a couple of times and then go for more investments. Using one card only for online shopping will make your life much comfortable. Do not forget to keep hard copies of your purchase order and confirmation number.

Think twice before filling up a form online:
In maximum websites, you need to register yourself in order to buy things. This form is sometimes very risky as with just a click of your mouse all your information could be sent to anywhere. If you are sending any private information then it’s better to think twice. Generally the sites want to know whether you are new to online shopping or what kind of products you are interested in etc. but sometime they ask for your e-mail id, password, mailing address and phone number.
Ask yourself before pouring out all such information:
1)Are they at all required?
2)Should I trust the owners of the site?
3)What about the site’s privacy policy?
4)Is it a secure site at all?
5)What my friends/ relatives/ colleagues feel about this site?

After giving yourself proper and satisfactory replies, you can go forward.

Even after having a through knowledge about the site, if unfortunately you come across some problems there are agencies, which could help you.

1)The Publication Analyzing Internet Information (PM 1789b)
2)Federal Trade Commission at
3)National Fraud Information Center at
4)Call for Action, Inc. at
5)Consumer Information Center at

Shopping online is definitely enjoyable and interesting. Your online shops are open for 24 hours a day under any circumstances. It gives you the pleasure and comfort to buy with just a few clicks on your mouse. You can go for research before buying a product, such as can check out the price range, utility, others’ opinion and many more things. As everything has its good and bad sides, online shopping is not an exceptional case. Sometime you might have to pay more as the price includes shipping charges and other delivery options. Even it takes time to open up pages where you could be able to see the products.

Along with all the pros and cons, online shopping is just “in”. Maximum people prefer getting things delivered at their doorstep even if they have to pay more. However, before ordering anything online, think and try these out. If you feel you are secured, go ahead and happy shopping!

About the author:
Paromita Choudhury


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Tuesday, October 23, 2007
"Cheap Retail - Best Bargains on the Net"
"Cheap Retail - Best Bargains on the Net"
by: Bob Vu

Shopping on the Web has become easier to do over the past years. As more online stores open up every week, competition gets fierce. This causes merchants to resort to more competitive pricing. Whatever product you are looking for, there is usually hundreds to thousands of options of where to buy online. The great number of shoppers online has also spurred something called shopping directories, which let you search through different stores to find the product you need without having to visit multiple stores. While shopping online, you can also read multiple unbiased reviews from multiple consumers who have bought and used the products.

Convienence and Availability

Every week, a bunch of new online stores open. This makes shopping online easier than ever. The Internet has become a virtually endless resource for shoppers to find exactly what they need conveniently in the comfort of their own homes. More and more shoppers are deciding to buy online as opposed to going to the store. Many find this more convienent than having to drive to a store. It is also easier to browse different products between online stores for the best prices. Finding the product you're looking for requires almost no effort. Sometimes the product finds you, through advertisements.

Cheaper Prices

Every week, fierce competitors lower prices on products, or resort to other tactics like promoting and marketing, and a wide range of other strategies to keep customers coming to their store. This makes it better for you, the shopper. Shoppers are also more likely to find better deals at online stores because they do not have to worry about having a physical shop and all the costs that come with it. This helps give online stores the ability to offer better prices yet still keep a reasonable profit margin.

Shopping Directories make Online Shopping even more Efficient

Shopping directories have become a popular resource, as they let shoppers browse through multiple store products all from one site. This cuts down on even more time spent shopping through various stores by letting shoppers 1) search through multiple stores for an item and 2) search for multiple types of items from multiple stores. This makes online shopping much more efficient whether you are looking for only 1 type of item or multiple items from different categories. This is an advantage to the shoppers and online stores because it centralizes the process of shopping to make it easier for shoppers to find sellers that meet their needs, as well as helps sellers reach buyers outside of their site.

Find out more about a product before you decide to buy

There is just a massive resource of reviews for all types of products online. You can read multiple reviews from other consumers who have bought a product to help aide you in deciding which product, brand, and/or variation of the product you wish to buy. Some online stores even give shoppers the ability to write reviews about a product after they have bought it to help inform future shoppers. This can help immensely when trying to choose the perfect product to fit your needs, as you see what other people have to say about their experiences with a product, as well as quality and value.

Online Shopping has been a growing trend for years

Over the past years, internet shopping has been growing at an incredible rate. We always hear about how much Internet Retail sales figures are multiplying every year. That is because online shopping has so many advantages and great deals that more and more people realize it and opt to buy certain products online where they see fit. With more online stores opening every week, more shopppers deciding to make purchases online, the competitive pricing between online stores, and vast resources to help people better shop like Shopping Directories and product reviews, its no wonder more and more people are making more purchases online.

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About the author:
Author: Bob Vu. Cheap Retail - Best Bargains on the Net


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